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German cabbage

Thanks Darlene for your old family recipe!

Fennel glazed turnips

The best part of selling to restaurants is going into thirer kitchens every week and seeing what the pros are doing with our food. This is from Kerry Park at TRE Fantastico

Leek Tops as chips

Don't waste the lovely green tops of fresh leeks they make great chips with a pungent salty sweetness.

Parmesean Brussell Sprouts

I've never met a vegetable with as bad a wrap as the good old brussell sprout. I'm pleased to say that we have mended the relationship between many a man, woman and brussell sprout with our continued devotion to growing this wonderous winter treat. We sell our sprouts on the stalk so you can pick them off as you want them and we leave the lovely top knot on as a bonus of lovely greens.

Parsnips and Butternut Squash

The sweet carmalized taste of parsnips is one of the great joys of winter dinners on the coast. As winter gets colder the parsnips just get sweeter!

Braised winter greens and pecans

The dark purples and greens of braised winter kale are so vibrant on a plate, the looks alone will perk you up on a gray coatal winter day.

Making your own chips

Root crops make great chips. perfect appetizers for dinner parties.

Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

At t he peak of summer this is a great meal that can be severed in its shell.

Kale Salad with sun dried tomatoes

This is our favorite new winter salad recipe. With every heavy frost and freeze all the winter veggies get sweeter as the plants send sugars to the leaves. The kale is so delicious. Try it raw in this great recipe.

Sesame Spinach Salad with Mangoes or Strawberries

This year we have switched to a variety of spinach that is a crisp, thick, tasty baby spinach ideal for salads.

Beets and Broadbeans

You know that another 8 months of good eating are ahead when you can buy the ingredients for this fabulous early summer dish. This is perfect served as side vegetable or over noodles as a main course.

Fastest Arugula Salad

This salad takes less than 3 minutes to prepare and will transform those who are wishy-washy about arugula into fans of this peppery green. It is the fastest and most delicious salad I know. The coolness of the feta and tomatoes balance the arugula.

Farmer Dave's Artichokes

We grow 1000 artichoke plants every year and harvest them in May/June and again in late summer and fall. We pick the artichokes when they are young so they aren't feathery inside. The key to this recipe is using fresh young artichokes with tight heads. Once the artichokes get too large the feathers start to grow inside and you can’t pop the whole artichoke in your mouth. You can simply trim a young artichoke, cut the hearts in half and enjoy.

Spinach Pie

This recipe is fabulous for lunch, dinner or appetizers. It takes about 10 minutes to make and 20 minutes to bake

Curried delicato rings

These are awsome additions to make a meal out of salad

Braising greens and potatoes

This meal is a great quick nutritious filling lunch for kids or you

Yummy Dressing

this recipe can from one of our customers who says her husband begs for the veggiy dish she makes with this sauce.

Swiss Chard for lunch

Nathalies favorite lunch is swiss chard and eggs or fish. It take only minutes for an awesome, protien and nutrient packed lunch, that will keep you working till dinner.

Dried Apples

Drying apples is something you are very thankful for in the middle of winter. Make sure you stash them up high in a cupboard where your family will forget about them or they will all be consumed before apple season is over.

Kaiser Buns

The buns are easy to prep and make any lunch a gourmet feast. We slice these buns up hot and make great sandwiches.
In the winter sliced ham, big red, mizuna, thinly sliced leeks, cheese, mayo and stone ground mustard. In the summer, cream cheese, lemon cucumber, tomato, lettuce and basil.

Marinated Dried Tomatoes

We have just begun to experiment with a wonderful dehydrator my mother gave to my sister, who passed it along to us. One of the great tidbits we squirreled away this winter were these tomatoes.


Gyoza is a fun social meal. Everyone sits at the table and rolls gyoza together as a social appetizer.

Zucchini Loaf

Moist and spicy keeps well

New Potatoes and Mint

There is nothing like new potatoes. Just a little rinse and a rub with your thumb and their skis are clean and ready to cook.