Madrona Farms


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 Madrona Farm is located just minutes from downtown Victoria at 4317 Blenkinsop Rd. ! If you want to buy our beautiful and nourishing produce we are open for sales wednesday-saturday at 11 am. Please note line ups start at 10:30 during peak months. We avaerage about 1,200lbs of food on a summer morning so fear not but some crops disapear quickly. We close the stand at dark. The way we do business is we pick between 7am and 10:30. We arrive at the stand at 10:30 to begin washing and packing. We are able to talk to people while we work if you don't mind getting sprayed with random water and dirt and being cut off by hyper farmers excited about the bounty of the day. In the summer this is often the easiest way to talk to us. If you simply can't make it out to the stand to buy food we also send certain crops to  Share Organics box program. And if you don't want to cook. Brasserie L'Ecole always has Madrona produce on the menu as does Stage Wine Bar, The Livit, The Parsonage, Cafe Fantastico, Tre Fantastico and Folepi  


Open Wednesday to Saturday 11-6 pm,  4317 Blenkinsop at Veggie Stand.